Last saturday, me and a few friend in twitter play some word game called #wordNAZI. The woman who responsible for this new addict hashtag were @fatimaalkaaf, she can’t sleep at night then she played #wordNAZI and then @sugahpuff and @geekyunee, also me and a lotta tweetmate play this all day long. and this is so cool. so i decide to filing all the #wordNAZI that been created to this tumblog. So each of us can read again once, and laugh again.

So here is the word.

fatimaalkaff  : How to ‘PUT’ in ‘COMPUTER’ ?


fatimaalkaffA ‘LOT’ of  ‘PLOT’ in just one ‘SLOT’ 

TyMo_  : Don’t play with my LASS, or I’ll kick your ASS off.


fatimaalkaff  : Btw, don’t ask me why ‘PATHETIC’ is in ‘SYMPATHETIC


fatimaalkaff:   Why don’t you just ‘OFF’ your ‘OFFENSE’ ?


gembrit : SINGING in the bathrom is not a SIN.


fatimaalkaff : Find the ‘OLD’ in being ‘COLD’ and ‘BOLD’: Go Fish. 🙂

fatimaalkaff : There’s always a ‘RIP’ in every ‘GRIP’. #wordNAZI


siMorin : He gave her FLOWERS to show his feeling. But, she said, “just let it FLOW”.. And then he was in a LOW point.


gembrit : i put more interest with something inside your BRA than your BRAIN.


fatimaalkaff : I’ve got a ‘CAN’ in ‘CANE’ -blindman for loving you. Now would you gimme ur heart? 😀


dewi_srikandi : It’s still LONG way to go and make you BELONG to me.


rahneputri : If I’m in your ARM, I feel so WARM  


dewi_srikandi neither TEARS, nor FEARS would be appeared when you’re with me


fatimaalkaff Give the ‘OIL’ for ‘SPOIL’.


rahneputri : My TIME is stop, when you just a CENTIMETER away from me


avaghtarI will give u CAR if u CARE with me


 fatimaalkaff : Only ‘APE’ do the ‘RAPE’.


 fatimaalkaff : An ‘OWL’ in a ‘BOWL’ ?


 fatimaalkaff : Get ‘TEN’ even ‘INCOMPETENT


tnasari :  And then I REALIZE that you’re not REAL


fatimaalkaff‘FLOW’ in ‘DEFLOWERED’

 arhcamt : since this is our LAST, we’ll make it a BLAST


 fatimaalkaff : The ‘ACHED’ in ‘TEACHED’


dwikaputra : for a man, his RIDE represents his PRIDE


dwikaputra :   MISTRESS is just one of the way to relieve the STRESS


fatimaalkaff : Is it your ‘LIP’ in ‘SLIP’ ? Very ‘SLIPPERY’ :))


fatimaalkaff : I ‘WINK’ in ‘TWINKLING’ stars


 dwikaputra : every WOMAN isn’t complete without MAN

arhcamt: don’t WALLOW, just SWALLOW


arhcamt: i bet those girls love your PEN more than your PENIS.


arhcamt: You may not know how to READ but i’m sure you know how to SPREAD


fatimaalkaffI just ‘ATE’ my ‘DATE’. Well, that’s in ‘FATE’. 😀


fatimaalkaffSuch a ‘TINY’ for ‘DESTINY’

fatimaalkaff : Get ‘OUT’ in ‘SHOUT’.

fatimaalkaff : Tell me ‘HOW’ to ‘SHOW’.

jonathanend go LOW and BLOW me SLOWLY until the I get BLOWN away. :))

jonathanend: LICK and FLICK it with your tongue until I FLICKER.


geeky_unee Don’t go too LOW and let’s just do it SLOW


arhcamt: EAT that MEAT.


sinyongogos Ants in my pants.


fatimaalkaff Never ‘LACK’ in ‘BLACK’.


jonathanend Youre as cold as ICE, let me SPICE you up a bit.


arhcamt i bet your ASS would look so nice when pressed against that GLASS.


arhcamt BRACE yourself darling. they sent the wrong BRA and BRACELET


cinots If u have PEARL u can get PEAR free


arhcamt i request a DOME if you want to DO ME.


loveparanoia When we’re on TABLE,you’ll be ABLE doing anything to me salma


nisankubur need AID for a LAID BACK? 15% off on weekends.


avaghtar There is ALAY in MALAYSIA and a DOSA in INDOSAT #wordNAZI


dwikaputra: if you want to KILL, at least show some SKILL


arhcamt RAPE? i’m asking for GRAPE. perv.


 arhcamt you look so HOT doing that SHOT.


 jonathanend You are the STAR that I want to STARE every night.


dwikaputra  for your SMILE i’d go a thousand MILE


jonathanend AYANG, kau buatku MELAYANG, kau buatku mabuk KEPAYANG


 nisankubur ART is for SMART peopl


nisankubur: there is LIE in every BELIEVE. there is no WE in every your TWEET.


ndyaditya SOMETIMES i’m feeling bored in all the TIME

dewi_srikandi I ATE ur love as vitamin yesterday. and It’s still LUXURIATE me today


siMorin You must got ‘HICCUP’, when you see my big ‘CUP


cinots If u’re LADIES u must DIE


sinyongogos I see US doing LUST. :))


siMorin I will place a ‘HEX’ on my ‘EX’.


fatimaalkaff A little ‘HIGH’ from the ‘THIGH’.


sinyongogos Hold your gas, during orgasm. Its totally turn off. :))


dewi_srikandi is this the GATE to ur heart? please NAVIGATE me.


 siMorin My ‘HEART’ is empty, without ‘HE’.


siMorin Count ‘ME’ in all of ur ‘TIME’.


fatimaalkaff See the ‘RAY’ everytime you ‘PRAY’

avaghtar There is a BAT when we take a BATH

 fatimaalkaff You choose a ‘BOO’ from ‘BOOKS’ or ‘BOOBS’ ?


 fatimaalkaff See a ‘MONK’ in ‘MONKEY’ ? #wordNAZI #atheis


adzanu : @sugahpuff and I see POE in every POETRY


arhcamt i know.. i’m like your AIR. it’s not FAI


fatimaalkaff: ‘LAY’ here @geeky_unee. And then ‘PLAY’. :)) #wordNAZI


pemirsa we’ll do it TOGETHER, TO GET HER


nisankubur no ONE wishes to be LONELY


nisankubur: let me IN if you are SINGLE. ah, never


geeky_unee all I need is U to fill my LUST

err.. i gtg now. this isn’ t finished. it was still about 10 pages =) wow we should make a #wordNAZI Bibliography. i’ll repost it later.

Rahne putri,

Jakarta 25 April 10:45