True Love . Blind Love. Everlasting Love

i’ve just watch a movie A Letter To Juliet, the story is about how if you have a second chance to met your true love.

And i’m asking to my self, why there should be a second chance? if we already have once. Is that true love

If someone we (used to call true) love left us (died) one day, then you have a chance to met your past love and wanna be with them. Which one is the true love?

i think true love doesnt need to have a “second chance”.

When your heart feels, this is it. And you even ignoring your brain. That’s true love

When there’s no “what if” question in ur brain, to someone you love. That’s true love.

When you don’t polish ur heart to make it sparks. But then someone, see the ‘cling’ on you. That’s true love.

Time will guarding “love” to you, and time also separate it.

At the end, everyone will die. But dont you think its more than enough to loved and being love until the end of time.

We all gonna die, but i dont think that death will take “love spirit”. Love will lived. Even when our soul isnt together with our body.

So, im proudly say. I don’t wanna find true love, I wanna find everlasting love.

Call it blind love or whatever, let me find my everlasting mate. Eh, we’re not finding each other. I believe nature and Gods conspired. Without us knowing it, we’ll come to each other. we’ll gonna see each other, and it will be last, until the end of time.

Jakarta, 20 June 2010