AM – PM on The Most Heavenly Hideaway Places #ExperienceAlila

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Given the chance, i would like to #ExperienceAlila in its fullest, in 1 full day from dawn until night

5  – 6 AM

#NowPlaying : Love Duet by Michael Franks

Wake up early and silently watch him sleep while waiting for the sun to rise

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This room opens to a balcony with ocean views

To have magnificent views of the ocean from the comfort of my room, where natural lights and ocean sounds peaks in

7 AM

#NowPlaying: Mondo Fitness by Fitness Forever

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I always want to swim in a swimming pool where the water seems to extend to the horizon, i mean look at that pool, how can you resist such beauty?

8 AM

#NowPlaying: Above The Clouds by Paul Weller

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‘tasting-style’ daily rotating breakfast menus

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Have our breakfast at Cotta Restaurant, and of course sample their tea selection since both of us are tea-persons 😉

9.30 AM

Nowplaying: Scenic World by Beirut

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The surrounding villages and the beautiful rice fields must be really fun to visit!

After breakfast, while the sun caresses our skin, we will bask in the dreamlike view of bright paddy fields next to our room. Taking pictures, eternalize moments, exploring the surroundings, having the time of our lives.

10.30 PM

#NowPlaying: Summer by Joe Hisaishi

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Reading books and playing a little guitar on this balcony facing the indian ocean, how can you not be inspired?

12 .30 PM

#NowPlaying : Diamond Dave – The Birds & The Bee

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Enjoying lunch in our room.

Having lunch (authentic local cuisine from Dwayne the Executive Chef) tailored to our cravings with a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean, it can’t get any better than this.

2 PM

#Nowplaying: Songs on The Beach by Arcade Fire

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Walk alone together enjoying the tranquility of the gardens to the majestic views of the black sand beach, and really just be with each other. (Or taking ‘Journeys By Alila’ program)

5 PM

#nowplaying: Two Sleepy People by Al Bowly

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 Sitting by the beach, waiting for the sun to set.

6.30 PM

Nowplaying: Albertone by Fitness Forever

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Nothing like a spa treatment after a full day of activities. Nominated for Most Innovative Spa of the Year, there’s no reason not to indulged ourselves in Spa Alila.

8 PM

#nowplaying: Je Te Veux by Erik Satie

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Romantic dinner under the stars accompanied by sounds of waves crashing against the volcanic sand coast of Kelating.

10 PM

#NowPlaying: Make It With You – Bread

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With Nespresso coffee machine, wine, and truffle popcorn included, enjoying our time together in our room before sleeping shouldn’t be too hard to do 😉

Everyone deserves something beautiful, and spend a day here at Alila Soori is one of it. 

Last but not least, the ultimate experience that i wanna have there is. … Private Wedding on their private beach. They have the perfect venue for weddings! Weddings on the water, on the black sand beach, in a garden they have it all.

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All photos taken from Alila website &  google images. Given the chance, i would like to visit Alila Soori and take the photos myself.

Wish me luck on this @KartuPos Competition!

Alila Villa Soori


PS: You can click #NowPlaying and listen all the songs that i prepare for #ExperienceAlila